BOLNEY WI: Our speaker for June was Gerald Fleuss, a calligrapher of some note. Gerry gave us a fascinating talk with illustrations of his beautiful work. He spoke of Edward Johnston who revived interest in calligraphy and in 1906 wrote a definitive book on the subject. Johnston died in 1944 but not before he had redesigned the familiar London Underground signs - a style which has most recently been used in Elizabeth Station.

Gerry’s work is wide ranging from a ‘simple’ design for the Queen’s Tennis Club, Coolham Church Coat of Arms, Wine maps,Family trees most famously that of the Devonshires, Derbyshire Coat of Arms (who, incidentally own/owned large parts of Sussex) a design of Cambridge colleges and the Declaration of Independence. He works on vellum, parchment, wood and other challenging surfaces. His skill is obviously not simply in calligraphy, but in art generally. And we shall now view Norman Wisdom’s shop front (in Haywards Heath) with greater interest as guess who designed the letterhead! Next month’s meeting on Thursday,July 12th at 2.30pm a the Rawson Hall is entitled ‘My writing journey’ and is an account by Graham Minett of his interesting career change. Visitors welcome.