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Bolney news

WSCC mobile library: dates for March are Fridays 1st, 15th and 29th. This will be calling at Drovers, Paynesfield, The Street between 9.30am - 10.15am. For further information please telephone 01403 224353

Bolney WI: Brenda Sands, one of our WI members, gave a talk about her recent trip to Malawi with World Vision . Some years ago, Brenda was invited by the charity to sponsor a child in Malawi and being a generous lady, she did so. And recently, on a week’s visit to Malawi, she met Patricia and her parents, brothers and sisters, uncles,aunts and neighbours in their ‘village’ home. Although the villagers have a communal water tap, there is no power to the village, the school is rudimentary ..although one is under construction and the nearest ‘health centre is a week’s walk away. This must be a powerful contraceptive as,at the first ‘pangs’ the mother to be has to set off on the long walk. Brenda visited the ‘health centre’ and was horrified at the inadequacy of the building, equipment and the lack of privacy eg for women in labour.

The small group of co-sponsors stayed in a hotel in Misuko; every day the group took it turns to visit each of the children they sponsor. With them all week was a local translator who advised them of the protocol eg ladies legs must be covered and the people are not tactile.

The videos and stills which accompanied Brenda’s talk showed her and her companions in stylish ‘sarongs’. However ‘not tactile’ must have lost something in translation as every shot showed lots of hugs and affection from both sides! A ‘steel’ type band accompanied some energetic dancing and it was very obvious that the villagers enjoyed meeting the generous visitors from the UK.

Although each sponsor is given a named child to contact, the money raised goes into the total project. Sadly next year sees the formal end of Brenda’s contact with Patricia as the charity limits the time and sponsorship in one particular area of the world.

Our next meeting is in the Rawson Hall at 2.30pm on March 14th. The ‘speaker’ is a jazz singer, Katherine Collett who will entertain us. You are very welcome to join us - chaps as well . £3.00 will include tea. Please let our secretary Judy know if you intend to come.Tel:01444881640