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Bolney news

BOLNEY HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY /GARDENING CLUB: The Society held their Spring Show in the Rawson Hall, on Saturday 23rd March. A record number of entries were received (103 entries from 22 exhibitors) Judging was informal and all members had the opportunity to ballot for their own choice in each class.

After voting had been completed, which must have proved very difficult, Barry Newman gave an illustrated talk on ‘The Modern Kitchen Garden’.

Results of show as follows:

Class 1 - Daffodil (large trumpet) 1st Emily Hutchings, Joint 2nd David Kennard and Rosie Brenan

Class 2 - Daffodil (double flowered) 1st Jean Mealing, 2nd Alison Hollands, 3rd Vicky Hawken

Class 3 - Flowering tree or shrub 1st Caroline Evans, 2nd Marigold Pym, Joint 3rd Mary Sheppard and Jean Mealing

Class 4 -Daffodils (large cup)1st Jo Glew, 2nd Marigold Pym, 3rd Caroline Evans

Class 5 - One specimen tulip 1st Bolney School Gardening Club, 2nd Gerry Hobbs, 3rd Paul Spain

Class 6 - Narcissi (multi headed) 1st Caroline Evans, Joint 2nd Gerry Hobbs and Jean Mealing

Class 7 - Polyanthus (3 stems) 1st Judy Woodland, 2nd David Kennard, 3rd Caroline Evans

Class 8 - Mixed daffodils and/or narcissi 1st Caroline Evans, 2nd Rosie Brenan, 3rd Emily Hutchings

Class 9 - any other flower not mentioned above 1st Judy Woodland, 2nd Mary Sheppard, 3rd Margaret Burgess

Class 10 - Daffodil (small cup) 1st Gerry Hobbs, Joint 2nd Caroline Evans and Emily Hutchings

Class 11 - one specimen pansy 1st Toni White, 2nd Judy Woodland, 3rd Jean Mealing

Class 12 - one pot plant 1st Margaret Burgess, 2nd Marigold Pym, 3rd Vicky Hawken

The Stan Watson Trophy was awarded to Caroline Evans for the most points in classes 1 -12.


Class 13 ‘At this time of year’.(a petite exhibit) 1st Faith Harvey, 2nd Emily Hutchings

Class 14 ‘’Romance by Candlelight’ 1st Toni White, 2nd Emily Hutchings, 3rd Judy Woodland

Class 15 - Flowers in a tankard (men only) 1st David Kennard

The Whitmee Cup was awarded to joint winners Faith Harvey and Toni White for the flower arrangement classes.

Class 17 - A vase of flowers - single kind or mixed and one pot plant 1st Caroline Evans who was awarded The Nancie Clarke Cup.


Pot or vase of daffodils or narcissi for aged 4 - 11 years 1st Daisy Harvey