Burgess Hill

BURGESS HILL ROYAL BRITISH LEGION WOMENS SECTION: At our Meeting on 5th June, our Chairman Sarah Voce advised Members that, due to the new security procedures for the Festival of Remembrance concert at the Albert Hall in November, we shall be unable to do our usual block booking and coach and this means that as a Branch we will not be attending. However, Members can purchase one ticket for themselves and one ticket for a guest, but we do not as yet have the details for the sale of the tickets, nor telephone number or Email address.

Sarah also advised that Betty Underhill is presently in hospital and a card has been sent.

Our Treasurer Evelyn Clarke informed us that we have a good balance of funds in hand, and a motion to send an amount of £800 to the National Benevolent Fund was proposed and seconded by Members. It was also agreed that, should funds continue to stay at a good level, a higher amount would be sent.

We then enjoyed a talk by Harry Pope whose subject was “Buried Secrets”, Harry regaled us with amusing and somewhat bizarre anecdotes about his time in the Funeral business. This provided us all with an insight into the many variations which can occur in this profession.


3rd July Silver Jewellery

15th July Strictly Poppies Great War Centenary Event and Veterans Parade in Haywards Heath. Contact Sarah Voce for details(01444 246655)

7th August Rosalie Birchmore(Please note that Rosalie will be bringing her organ and any requests will be welcome)

4th September Fish and Chips and Bird Bingo(Bring £4.00 for FishnChips)

2nd October AGM and talk by David Parker on WW1

6th November

5th December Christmas Lunch(Details to be advised)