Celebrating Mid Sussex and the Queen’s birthday

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With a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund and with the help of its friends and supporters, Mid Sussex Older People’s Council (MSOPC) will be creating a series of events and activities to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday and to provide a lasting memory of what we now call Mid Sussex.

The end result will be on display on June 10 at the Copthorne Effingham Park Hotel afternoon tea, a ticket-only event for Mid Sussex older people, which will be opened by a Deputy Lord- Lieutenant of West Sussex.

We are also designing a dedicated website depicting Mid Sussex throughout the last 90 years and need your help with photos.

How can you help? We are looking for copies of photos of places in Mid Sussex over the past 90 years (bearing in mind the county boundaries have changed) and of events, for example the great storm, or Royalty visiting Mid Sussex. The Queen opening the Triangle Leisure Centre in Burgess Hill is another example.

The photos ideally need to be in jpeg or jpg format and by sharing them with us, you are giving us permission to display the photographs in various ways to promote our Heritage Project.

Once released on the website we will not be able to control copies being taken, or used, by others for their own purposes.

Can you please also tell us where the photo was taken (village/town name) and also the approximate year. If it is of a special event could you please also add a few words describing the occasion.

Photographs should be attached to an email and sent to MSOPCphotos@gmail.com If you have photographs, but cannot send them to us electronically, the local library will help you to email them to us.

Please do not forget to give us the details required about the photos and your contact details (name, address telephone number and email address).

If you have more than two photos that you would like to share with us we would be most interested to discuss this with you, so please either contact us by email at MSOPCphotos@gmail.com or to the contact details below.

Finally if you have not already put your name down for this event, please contact our development officer, Anita Wright, again on the details below, and also let us know if you will be requiring us to provide transport.

Contact anita@msopc.org.uk or 01444 242760 for more information.