Dazzling bluebells to be seen at Wakehurst

Bluebells are bursting into a blaze of colour at Wakehurst, near Haywards Heath, the sister estate of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. The timing is notable due to the fact that they are bang on time – something very unusual in recent years due to unpredictable seasons!

Visitors can explore acres of wild bluebell woods with stunning displays in Horsebridge Woods, Bloomers Valley and the Loder Valley nature reserve, helped on by the sunshine over the past few weeks.

Iain Parkinson, Wakehurst’s Conservation and Woodlands Manager, said: “We are so used to the seasons being out of kilter that this year it has taken us by surprise that the bluebells appear to be following the traditional pattern of flowering.

“Maybe it’s because I’m getting older and value the beauty of nature more and more, but this year the bluebells seem to be even more stunning than usual.”

Wakehurst will be a mass of colour for the next month or more, as Bluebells aside, the warmer weather teases out a wide array of breathtaking blooms. A mass of Rhododendrons, a bounty of bulbs including carpets of colourful tulips, magnificent marigolds, and pretty primroses are a mere taste of what visitors can enjoy within in the next month.

Report contributed by Jo Maxwell, Kew.