Fourth of July tea in aid of Action for Children

Readers' news
Readers' news

The Haywards Heath Support Group for Action for Children will be holding a special fundraising event on Saturday afternoon, 4th July, in the Wesley Hall, Haywards Heath Methodist Church, Perrymount Road.

The Afternoon Tea, coinciding with Independence Day, will be given an American twist and will commence at 3.00 pm.

Lending some razzamatazz to the proceedings will be, locally based, Perdido Players’ Swing Band, who will be playing some music from the golden age of swing.

Tickets are £5.00 per person and can be obtained from the church office (weekday mornings - 01444 416170) or by telephoning Liz and Rod Willerton on 01444 441479.

Action for Children, formerly NCH or National Children’s Home, is a leading national charity, which supports and speaks out for the UK’s most vulnerable children and young people.

The charity works with around 300,000 children, young people and their families by running 650 services across the UK.

Last year Action for Children helped more children and their families across the UK than any other charity.

Report contributed by Rod Willerton.