This evening: Thursday, the Neighbourhood Planning Committee are holding a meeting in the Pavilion from 7.30 pm. This is the first meeting since we were asked for our comments on the first draft and the meeting held in January to answer questions raised from this first draft. I would imagine that we will be told where they are up to now and how our comments have been incorporated into the Plan so if you are interested (and we all should be!) please do go along this evening. A copy of the agenda has been posted on the notice board outside the Spar Shop and can also be downloaded from the Parish website (www.slaughampc.co.uk) following the links on the notice of the meeting.

If you are unable to go to this meeting, I’m sure there will be an update at the Parish Council meeting which should be next Thursday, 29 March; I would, however, suggest that you keep an eye on the Parish Noticeboard outside the Spar Shop as their meetings have been subject to change and cancellation at short notice recently!