There isn’t much to report: from last week’s Parish Council meeting other than the Neighbourhood Plan appears still to be on course which is good to hear. If you want to keep abreast of what is happening, go to the Council’s website, www.slaughampc.co.uk and follow the links. It was also announced that the Annual Parish Meeting will be held on Thursday, 24 May in the Pavilion from 7.30pm. This is when the Council reports on what has happened over the last 12 months and gives an indication of what they hope to happen in the forthcoming 12 months. It is an ideal opportunity to meet your councillors in an informal setting so why not go along and see what goes on. I know that they could do with boosting their numbers, particularly with regard to Pease Pottage which is sadly lacking in representation so if you know anyone who lives there and would like to put something back into the community, see if you can get them along to the meeting.

The Council’s Planning Committee: will be meeting this evening, Thursday, in the Pavilion from 7.30pm. As with the full Council meeting, there will be an opportunity to ask questions about any of the applications under discussion early in the meeting so do go along if you are interested. A copy of the agenda should be available on the website as well as on the parish noticeboard outside the Spar Shop.

The Community Bus Committee: is holding their Annual General Meeting next Tuesday, 8 May in the Parish Hall from 3.30pm. The Committee will present their report on the past 12 months and once any questions or queries have been dealt with, a cream tea will be enjoyed by all attending! If you would like to attend but need a lift to get to the Hall, fear not, the Bus will be out and about to pick up as follows: Balcombe: The Half Moon at 2.45pm, Newlands 2.50pm; the Surgery 2.55pm. It will then pick up in the village as follows: Covert Mead 3.10pm, Truggers 3.15pm and Windmill Platt at 3.20pm. Everyone is invited to attend so please do go along with any questions or suggestions for any future outings.