The meeting of the Parish Hall Management Committee: last week was well attended and, even if I do say so myself, it was a productive one! It was unanimously agreed that the Committee should use some of the funds they have been building up over the past few years for a new hall (which is looking unlikey to happen anytime soon!), to improve the heating system in the Hall as well as rewiring and redecorating. If there is anything left after this work has been done, I think they may well look at doing something to improve the condition of the drive down to the Hall but this might be a step too far and be a little on the expensive side but who knows! Unfortunately there was nothing to report on any new lease but Tim Arnold, the Chairman of the Committee, was hopeful that he would hear back by the end of the week, ie last Friday. Should I hear any more, I will let you know as always. Otherwise, everything was going smoothly with the running of the Hall with on average 8 bookings per week with some days when the Hall was used more than once. However, the downside was that some of those who had booked the Hall for a one-off event decided they were going to ‘disappear’ without paying which is very unfair. As a result of this, the Committee have had to take the decision that going forward payment must be made at the time of booking so if you are thinking of using the Hall for your party, please bear this in mind and read the booking form carefully to ensure you meet all the booking conditions.

If you are a keen knitter: there is a meeting of similar minded ladies meeting at Dudley House (next door to the Hardware Shop) this afternoon Thursday, for a knit and a natter so why not join them for a couple of hours of knitting, chatter and, most importantly, tea and homemade cakes, all for the princely sum of £2.00!

Handcross Ladies Association: will be holding their monthly meeting next Tuesday, 15 May, in the Parish Hall from 7.30 pm. This month their speaker is Jenny Clark who will be giving a talk on bats. The meeting is open to all so if you are interested in this topic or would like to learn more about them, why not go along on Tuesday, they are a friendly welcoming group and who knows, you may decide to join them on a regular basis! If you would like to know more beforehand, get in touch with Janet by email handxladies@gmail.com.

The Rosemary Club: will be in the Hall on the following day, Wednesday, for their meeting but their meeting starts at 2.30pm and if you would like to take advantage of a lift on the Community Bus to get there, get in touch with Alison on 01293 516017. This month the meeting will be entertained by Keith Hayman, a singer and keyboard player who I am sure will keep everyone engaged with the music he plays and the stories he can tell. As with the HLA meetings, the Rosemary Club’s meetings are open to all, male and female, if you are over 50 and looking for friendship and entertainment during an afternoon, why not go along. The June meeting will be in the form of the first outing of the year which is for afternoon tea at Denton’s on the seafront at Worthing and if the weather is anything like it was last weekend, it will be a lovely afternoon out for all I’m sure. If you would like further information about the Club and how to join, give Helen a ring on 07540 816170.

Finally, cycling: is becoming a very popular way of getting fit these days and it isn’t unusual to see lycra-clad men and women passing through the village at any time of the week but I would suggest that if at all possible you avoid the High Street this Saturday, 12 May as there may be more than usual about! There have been notices up around the village informing us that there will be a race through the village (High Street and Horsham Road I believe) between 8.45 am and 12 noon. Accredited marshals will be in place who are legally empowered to stop and hold traffic during a race so be aware that it might take longer than usual to get through the village on Saturday morning! If you would like more information about the race, the organiser is James Stone and he can be reached on 07880 344838.