Neighbourhood Plan: Please accept my apologies if you had wanted to attend the next NHP meeting, there was a meeting last week despite my saying it didn’t look like there would be! I only discovered that it would be going ahead on Monday, too late to amend my column. Needless to say there weren’t many there (only me!) but it was interesting and informative. Everything is on track and it is expected that the Plan will be submitted to Mid Sussex District Council in the next few weeks and by doing this we are on the way to being able to vote on the Committee’s hard work and, as far as possible, limiting the amount of development that might happen not only in the village but the parish as a whole and I’m sure I am not alone in thinking that this can’t happen soon enough! It was mentioned at the meeting that there is yet another developer wanting to further increase the number of homes in Pease Pottage as well as Handcross; keep an eye on the notice board outside the Spar Shop early next month to see if they appear on the agenda for the next Planning Committee meeting (should be the first Thursday in June) if you wish to object to either or both of these applications if they are listed.

If you would like: to get an update not only on the Neighbourhood Plan but everything the Parish Council has been up to in the last 12 months as well as hearing what is planned in the next 12 months, go along to the Pavilion this evening, Thursday, from about 7.15 pm when the Annual Parish Meeting is being held. The meeting proper is due to start at 7.30 pm but it is always handy to arrive ahead of the start to ensure you get a seat (sometimes these meetings are well attended!), and to leave time to hang around after the meeting has finished as there is usually something to eat and drink whilst having an opportunity to meet your Councillors.