The Knit & Natter: group will be meeting today, Thursday, at Dudley House (next door to the Hardware Shop). This is a small group of ladies who take the opportunity to meet up once a month to catch up with what has been happening in the village whilst knitting and enjoying a cup of tea (or coffee) and a slice of homemade cake all for the exorbitant price of £2! So if you are at a loose end and have some knitting (or crocheting) on the go, why not join the regulars and who knows, you might decide to become a regular yourself, they are a friendly bunch!

Handcross Ladies Association: meets on Tuesday, 19 June, not in the Parish Hall as usual but at Nymans where they will be enjoying a guided walk round the gardens. Members should already be aware that they need to be in the car park at 7 pm (arrive any earlier and you may find the gate locked). As this is a local association, the National Trust has agreed a much reduced rate of £2 for members and if you are going as a member’s guest it will be £3.50 – you are requested to have the correct money on the day as it makes it easier for the treasurer. Obviously, everyone will be hoping for a dry and warm evening but please dress appropriately on the day for whatever the conditions are. Due to the time of the visit, the team rooms will be closed so you will also need to take a bottle of water with you if necessary.

If you are not a member of HLA: but like the sound of a guided walk around the gardens when it is a little quieter and you live in the village, why not put your name down for the informal drinks evening for National Trust tenants, Handcross and all parish residents on Tuesday, 3 July between 6 and 7.30 pm. This event was held for the first time last year and despite it being a chilly evening it was well attended so why not go along this year when Joe Whelan, the Head Gardener, will be providing a tour of the garden sharing their July highlights. You will also have the opportunity to meet Alice Strickland, the curator, who will be talking about their exhibition exploring the impact of three inspirational women on Nymans. As refreshments will be provided, they will obviously need to know numbers so if you would like to attend, please RSVP by calling 405250 or emailing Nymans@nationaltrust.org.uk giving them your name and the number of people who will be with you.

The Rosemary Club’s: meeting this month is also in the form of an outing so if you are not a signed up member as yet, please remember not to go up to the Hall as if you do you will find it locked! Members should already know details of the outing and the departure times but if you need reminding I’m sure Helen will be able to help on 07540 816170.

The Outing Club: has a trip planned on Sunday, 24 June to Margate, leaving the village between 9.15 and 9.30 am; I would imagine the return time will be agreed once the coach has arrived. The cost of a seat is £25 per person. Please do not feel that this trip is only for those of a certain age, the Club is open to everyone and they are keen to increase membership numbers (currently £3, I believe) and if you are concerned that this is an ‘organised’ trip and you will have to stay with the group all day, you won’t. All that has been ‘organised’ is the coach, you will be free to spend the day as you wish – taking your turn on the rides at Dreamland (open from 9 am until 6 pm on a Sunday), wandering through the Turner Contemporary art gallery, strolling through the Shell Grotto or just sitting on the beach and taking a dip in the sea if you are brave enough! As I said above, tickets are £25 (a discount for children might be available) and you will need to get in touch with Brenda on 400081 if you would like to put your name down. If you are thinking about taking little ones but are worried about how long the journey is, the coach does have facilities if you know what I mean.