Please don’t forget: Help at Hand’s Cream Tea on Saturday from 3 pm in the Parish Hall, the cost is only £3.50 per person and you do get a lovely tea for your money! This is a much used service in the village by everyone, young and old, and deserves our support so please, spare an hour or so and indulge yourself! I know that everyone involved in the running of the organization would like to see some new faces at their annual fund raiser so I hope to see you there. If you can’t be there but would like to know more about it and maybe even offer a few hours of your time to be a duty officer or a driver, get in touch with Ian Ratcliffe on 400763 he’d be more than happy to take your call!

I forgot to mention: that at the Parish Council meeting last month it was announced that our Neighbourhood Plan was being passed to Mid Sussex District Council in order of them to do the necessary work to take it through the final stages before we can finally vote on it, hopefully early next year, at long last! I know that the Committee has worked long and hard on it over the past 3 or 4 years since our first attempt was declined at the final hurdle. They took on board what the Examiner said, as well as the concerns raised by the community as a whole and really hope that their hard work will pay off. If you would like to review all the documents that have been produced to date go to the Parish Council’s website, www.slaughampc.co.uk, click on Neighbourhood Plan and I found the ‘News’ tab the easiest one to navigate and find out what is happening, particularly the briefing note (under 22 May 2018) which explains in more detail why the housing allocated to St Martin’s Close East and West has come about and why the Committee and their advisors feel without it we could be leaving ourselves open to overdevelopment of not only the village but the parish as whole as well as having to go back to the drawing board should the Plan again be dismissed because we haven’t shown we are prepared to increase our housing numbers should the need arise in the future. I think we would be naïve if we felt the housing need would not increase going forward! If the Plan was to be dismissed, not only would we be back at square one having to do the work again, but we would I am sure be looking at trying to find a committee prepared to do all the hard work again for a third time because I am sure the current committee would be hard pressed to sit again. We do need to get behind these volunteers, many of whom hold down full time jobs as well having family commitments, and show our faith in them when it comes to a vote!

On a lighter note: if you are into your knitting and feel like having a chat with some like-minded individuals instead of staring at the TV or the four walls in your living room, take yourself off to Dudley House (next door to the Hardware Shop) this afternoon, Thursday, at 2.30pm and enjoy a cup of tea and slice of cake at the same time! You might just have to put your knitting down whilst doing the latter but I’m sure it will be worth it – it will only cost £2. As always, Christina may be able to help you should you need further information.

Finally: a gentle reminder to take care in this hot weather – make sure you drink plenty, use sun block and most importantly, don’t leave windows open that can be easily accessed without drawing attention to the fact that someone might be climbing in! If you are using a disposable BBQ in your garden or a public open space, make sure it is properly out and disposed of safely, we don’t want to have any wild fires like they have experienced up north!