Parking: I think it safe to say that everyone is aware of the problems of parking outside the primary school and it was mentioned at the Parish Council meeting last week when our West Sussex County Council representative attended the meeting. It is hoped that the grass area to the front of the school will be used for staff parking only; when this will happen who knows, we can only hope that it won’t take too long! The issue of parking, or rather lack of parking, in Covert Mead and Coos Lane was also discussed. It was mentioned that someone from Mid Sussex District Council had been out to see what the problem was and again, we can only hope that something will be done about it but we all know how slow the wheels of government, be it local or central, can turn, so we can only wait and see and to be patient and understanding of the pressures experienced by everyone living on the Horsham Road and in Covert Mead.

The Neighbourhood Plan: This was also discussed at the meeting and whilst MSDC have flagged up a couple of points that will need addressing, on the whole it would appear that we are on the right track with our Plan which is a good thing! I will keep you posted of developments as and when I hear of anything but do remember you don’t have to learn second hand of what is discussed at the Parish Council meetings, they are open to everyone! Having said that, there won’t be a meeting of the full Council in August only a meeting of the Planning Committee. If you are interested in going along to the meeting of the Planning Committee, you will need to keep an eye on the notice board outside the Spar Shop for a copy of the agenda or on the website.

Play equipment: Now that the summer holidays are upon us, if you planning on taking your children, or grandchildren, to the playground on the Recreation Ground along with the dog, please remember that dogs are not allowed within the confines of the area where the play equipment is. This is standard practice at all play areas due to the health concerns if dogs are allowed to ‘do their business’ where children play. So please, if you do have a dog and you exercise them anywhere where children might play, or adults (football training has now started for the new season), do remember to clean up after your dog and use the bins for this purpose on the Recreation Ground, on the corner of Covert Mead and the Horsham Road, as well as other places around the village.