Haywards Heath artist captures memories of Balcombe

Michele Tracy and Artist Paul Milton B.D.A Ambassador for  Art's And Dyslexia SUS-150506-101543001
Michele Tracy and Artist Paul Milton B.D.A Ambassador for Art's And Dyslexia SUS-150506-101543001

Memories are such a precious thing, remembering where you came from and how you got to where you are today and how certain places and events have an impact on your life. Those memories and events are an important step for progression through life they make you the person you are today.

This most recent commission I would have to say is one of my favourites, because it’s nice to see my art going to a good home and it’s been a pleasure to do the drawings for such a nice person.

It’s also nice to be commissioned to do the artwork for Michele where the memories mean a lot and I can help capture those memories for the future and for further generations. I prefer for the artistic process to be natural and to have a natural progression.

With this newest drawing I wanted it to be special for Michele as she is moving away from the place she’s grown to love.

I also feel the same as regards Balcombe the mix of rural village and picturesque scenery hidden down winding lanes is appealing. My life has also changed a lot recently and I too think on Balcombe with fond memories.

The drawings are all to a professional high standard, my drawing technique is still evolving and changing even now.

With previous drawings of Sussex locations such as Lindfield High Street and other coastal buildings the more you study the buildings the more you start to see how the buildings are constructed and the architecture involved.

Occasionally you can miss certain elements or over look small details which make up the structures and buildings only under examination and drawing the buildings you are able to see these details.

On one of my previous commission’s which the two piece’s are now in Canada only when studying the building especially heritage and historical buildings only then you are able to see the alterations and changes that have happened over the years hidden under layers of paint.

I tend not to look at other artist’s work too much as I want my artwork to be fresh, unique, and different, every time.

With this latest commission and the recent demand on my artwork and drawings I feel my drawing technique has evolved again and it’s changing all the time each piece is different every time depending on the subject.

I wish Michele and her family all the best with the move to her new home, and it’s nice to think a little bit of Balcombe will always be with her and her family for years to come.

Michele Tracy said: “Thank you Paul for creating these beautiful pictures of Balcombe for me.

“In the years to come they will provide me with fond memories of this lovely village and all the very friendly people that live here. I will always remember Balcombe as the place that I rediscovered myself and could be myself! Thank you for these very special memories.”

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