Learners gunge staff in Red Nose Day fun

Red Nose Day at LVS Hassocks SUS-150327-123642001
Red Nose Day at LVS Hassocks SUS-150327-123642001

A school for young learners on the autistic spectrum raised money for Red Nose Day on Friday March 13 and managed to teach the staff a very messy lesson at the same time.

LVS Hassocks learners were able to contribute to Red Nose Day by voting for which members of staff got a good old fashioned gunging, and the result was unanimous with Head of Centre Kira Brabenec and Deputy Head Education, Learning and Achievement Phil Edkins clear winners – or losers – and facing the gunge.

With a faceful of custard Kira could have been forgiven for being a trifle miffed, but she was actually ecstatic as the gunging helped contribute to LVS Hassocks raising a total of £235 for charity.

Kira said: “Red Nose Day at LVS Hassocks was an outstanding success with a fantastic contribution from learners and staff alike. I am extremely proud of everyone’s efforts in raising £235 and thank everyone for their combined efforts so that we as a school could contribute to the raising of funds for this important cause”.

Other fundraising ideas included making and selling cakes and cards, egg catching competitions, a lunchtime disco with a learner as the DJ, nail tattoos and face painting.

Report and pictures contributed by LVS Hassocks.