Mayor attends event giving carers time for themselves

Time for you day Carers Event in Haywards Heath
Time for you day Carers Event in Haywards Heath

The Town Mayor Sujan Wickremaratchi attended and opened the ‘Time for you’ day Carers Event, organised by Haywards Heath Town Council, which took place on June 8 at the Town Hall.

Welcoming 30 carers he said that: “Carers play a vital role in our society.”

The day was organised during National Carers Week and offered an opportunity for local carers to have some time out to try different pampering activities.

Haywards Heath Lions Club and the Co-op Store supported the event. Practitioners from The Vinings Natural Health Centre in Church Road, the Alternative Healthcare Centre in Oathall Road and Ardingly’s Koorana Centre created a soothing and calm environment in which to provide a range of therapies including Acupuncture, massage, Reflexology and Shiatsu.

One carer said: “Thank you for a wonderful day. I very much appreciated it.”

Melanie Hodge from Creative Carers was busy throughout the day providing a space for carers to use pastels, paint and pens to create some lovely works of art. Natalie Jones took time out from her day job as a nurse to give manicures. Daiva and Sajeed Khudurun, who run Perfect-Toe Foot Care did a double act of providing manicures and foot health checks.

The day was also supported by Carers Support West Sussex and the Carers Health Team who were on hand to offer information and advice throughout the day.

The Town Council has received lots of positive feedback with one carer saying: “Thank you to all the staff who created such a wonderful day.” Town Council staff said that the day would not have been possible without support from local businesses and sponsors.