Mysteries galore to be seen at Nymans

That Flying and Elusive Shadow SUS-151030-110504001
That Flying and Elusive Shadow SUS-151030-110504001

There are mysteries galore to be seen this autumn in the gallery at Nymans Gardens.

Chris McEwan and Carol Lawson have an intriguing display of paintings, prints and cards on view in the gallery at Nymans Gardens until Sunday November 22.

There is a trail for children to follow, through the gardens to the gallery, to try and solve some of the mysteries.

The artists have not only drawn on images of the house and garden but also from the Messel family history. Their delight in dressing up and holding parties. In particular, there are many references to the often whimsical designs Oliver Messel created for the theatre and film, including a mechanical tortoise he designed for the production of….. for Glyndebourne.

The cat called ‘Never’ features prominently in the paintings. He could be seen until recently, appearing mysteriously in the gardens or even in the gallery and he is posing the biggest challenge to visitors…you can find him in the branches of the cedar tree but just how many other cats are also hidden there?

Report and picture contributed by Carol Lawson.