Oakmeeds’ amazing activities week

Oakmeeds activities week SUS-150813-102824001
Oakmeeds activities week SUS-150813-102824001

From July 6 to 10, Oakmeeds enjoyed an amazing activities week.

Mrs Tremble, Assistant Headteacher, did a fantastic job organising the week, with activities for students including: fencing, laserquest, cake decorating, beach volleyball and an army day, plus trips to Dover Castle, HMS Belfast, Saatchi Gallery, Tilgate Park and Brook Farm.

The week culminated in a summer fair organised by Oakmeeds for 160 Woodlands Meed pupils.

There were also several residential trips: Year 7 Blackland Farm Camp, Year 9 Bideford trip and a Geography trip to Swanage. Students had a great time, making the most of different experiences and activities.

Our thanks go to all the staff who worked long and hard to make this such a memorable week.

Military Mentors Motivate

Year 8 and 9 students made the most of a day with military mentors. Taking part in team building exercises and challenges including: dress the soldier, marching, tug of war and tyre bridge challenge, culminating in an assault course. At the end of the day the Military Mentors selected a winner and runner up. Congratulations to Kyle Jordan, who was chosen as the overall winner for his excellent leadership and conduct and to runner up Tara Malins.

Year 7 Blacklands Farm Camp

During Activities Week 134 Year 7 students enjoyed a fantastic camp at Blacklands Farm. Before they went students spent the day at Oakmeeds preparing for camp. They received camping top tips, practiced putting up tents, enjoyed team building activities and met their group leaders.

At Blacklands, students participated in a variety of activities. Some of these were organised and run by qualified instructors, and included: high ropes, kayaking, crate challenge, problem solving, orienteering, abseiling and rock scramble. In addition there were numerous activities organised by Oakmeeds staff, such as: football, rounders, frisbee, crafts and wide games, along with an excellent camp fire (with brilliant vocals from Miss Stowell!)

Camp leader and organiser, Ms Hugo, commented on how brilliantly behaved the students were and said both staff and students had an ‘amazing time’.

Year 9 Bideford Trip

Year 9 student, Jack Woodford, reports on a brilliant Bideford trip.

On 6 July over 60 students travelled to Devon to experience activities they’d never done before. Throughout the week students and teachers conquered their fears which they never thought they would do.

To start our mornings we had a cooked breakfast and each evening we had a different meal, pizza and curry night were the students’ favourite.

Each day we had a variety of activities which everyone participated in. To name a few; water skiing, surfing, canoeing, tunnelling, low ropes, climbing and so many more.

My personal favourite of all the activities was the surfing. I was very excited all week for this activity as I knew it was something I had never done and was out in the sea with good mates. We were given instructions on how to surf and body board properly and in the end I was able to stand up on the board. Although it was only for about 10 seconds...

Everyone enjoyed the trip, especially the free time! Wednesday and Thursday was our volleyball tournament evenings, which Mr Butcher organised. All groups took part and the overall winners were Miss Conrads group.

On behalf of the students who came on the trip I would like to thank Mr Butcher, Mr Ambridge, Mrs Ambridge, Mrs Salter, Mr Wojcichowski and Mrs Shorrocks who gave up their luxuries at home to accompany us on this trip.

‘Working 9 to 5’ for Year 10!

Activities Week for Year 10 revolves around work experience. Early in the Autumn term, students began looking at the type of placement which might inspire them. Applications began arriving for work experience in a variety of businesses. There were the popular requests of childcare, Sport based, vet clinics and mechanics, but this year we also had unusual requests to spend the week with the Brighton Fashion School, British International Dressage and the University of Sussex Genome Lab.

Oakmeeds are extremely grateful to all the employers who support our work experience programme every year and they in turn are always happy to receive one of our students, making comments such as: “Having this student has reinforced how fantastic work experience can be” and “Can they join our team?!” Students’ comments included: “I found it difficult to leave”, “A great confidence booster” and “Best week of the year!”

Mrs Dorgan, careers and work experience coordinator, said: “The Oakmeeds staff who visited our students last week, all commented on the energy and enthusiasm the students were showing in their work placements. A truly positive experience, which for many confirmed their career ambitions. Several students have been offered the opportunity of paid work once they turn 16 and for a lucky few, the offer of an apprenticeship once they leave school. Year 10 should be congratulated on a very successful week.”

Report and picture contributed by Oakmeeds Community College.