Oakmeeds girls enjoy course on technology

Oakmeeds girls enjoy technology event at the Amex Community Stadium SUS-150506-104139001
Oakmeeds girls enjoy technology event at the Amex Community Stadium SUS-150506-104139001

Fifteen Year 8 girls from Oakmeeds have enjoyed a five week course aimed at developing their interest in technology. Students Faye Funnel and Lauren Greatorex report on the final week of the Code Girls course.

On the last week we were told that we were going to be taking apart computer towers and laptops (the bad news was that we have to put them back together again!). There were two assistant technicians there to assist us if anything went wrong. Before we started Simon Gregg from IT First spoke to us for a while, then helped us.

To dismantle the computer towers and laptop we had to sit in pairs at two different tables. On our tables we had a selection of screwdrivers. All excited, we grabbed the screwdrivers and in our pairs started attempting to take apart the computer towers and the laptops. We were all able to very quickly figure out what areas would be best to take out first. After a short while most of us had got all the main parts out, such as the fan and motherboard. By the half way point pretty much all of us had taken apart our computer towers or our laptops. One pair went too far into the taking apart their laptop and had it completely destroyed. Sadly, we were told to try and put the computer towers and the laptops back together. Many of us were unsuccessful at this job!

All of us who took the opportunity of going to the Amex stadium to do the IT course enjoyed ourselves. We would all highly recommend it to the next lot of students who have the chance. Going to the Amex gave us many interesting facts and information about technology in the world of today and has inspired us to think about taking IT as a one of our options in Year 9. Not only did we have the opportunity to go to the Amex stadium in Brighton, but also go to both of the American Express buildings and learn about the IT jobs there.Report and picture contributed by Oakmeeds Community College.