Oakmeeds student awarded for review

Readers' news
Readers' news

Jack Cooper, a Year 9 student at Oakmeeds Community College, has been recognised by Into Film once again - this time for his review of Batman Begins, which was awarded Review of the Week for week ending 12th June.

Jack is a regular member of Film Club, which shows films every Thursday after school. This half term, the club is showing a season of superhero films, including Batman Begins, which inspired Jack’s review.

Mr Sluman, who organises the club, said: “For a student to win Review of the Week once is great - but for Jack to win twice is a real achievement!

“It just goes to show what can be achieved with commitment, enthusiasm and hard work. I look forward to presenting Jack with his goodie bag from the Into Film people at our next meeting on Thursday”. Jack had previously been recognised for his review of Shaolin Soccer.

Jack said, “It’s nice to be rewarded for something I really enjoy. I hope my love of film comes through in what I write.

“This is an area that I’d love to get more involved in as a career”.

Mr Sluman added, “More and more students have joined Film Club and we always enjoy welcoming new members.”

Report contributed by Oakmeeds Community College.