Oakmeeds’ top readers rewarded

Top readers at Oakmeeds SUS-150313-155610001
Top readers at Oakmeeds SUS-150313-155610001

Years 7 and 8 have proved that reading is a popular pastime for Oakmeeds’ students.

All students in Years 7 and 8 follow the Accelerated Reader Programme, which is designed to encourage and support reading for pleasure and comprehension skills. Students have a fortnightly timetabled reading lesson in the Learning Resource Centre (LRC) in which they read books at their individual levels. When they have read a book they take a quiz to check their comprehension.

For the Reading Awards, LRC Manager, Mrs Barrett, worked out how many 100% passes each student had on their book quizzes, at the correct Accelerated Reader level for them. The top 6 readers in each year group were awarded Amazon vouchers as prizes.

The winners were:

Year 7 - Frances Jones, Paige Smith, Sophie Beard, Naomi Dobie, Alex Campion, Sam Szalkai.

Year 8 - Vishva Munasinghe, Emily Viljoen, Oliver Aldridge, Abi Jayan, Harry Ellarby, Jade Thomson.

Special congratulations to Frances Jones in Year 7. She is the highest word reader across the two year groups, having read a total of 2,280,766 words to date! Frances said: “I usually read 2 books a week. I borrow them from the LRC at Oakmeeds and also read books from home. The Accelerated Reader scheme at Oakmeeds encourages me to read, as I want to read more books to do the quizzes. I wouldn’t read as much if it wasn’t for the scheme. I was really happy when I was told I had won an award. I read because I enjoy it, not to win prizes, so it was a big shock!”

Report and picture contributed by Oakmeeds Community College.