Produce and craft show held in Horsted Keynes

Produce & Craft SHow in Horsted Keynes SUS-150821-094325001
Produce & Craft SHow in Horsted Keynes SUS-150821-094325001

The Horsted Keynes Produce and Craft show took place on Saturday July 25 in the Village Hall.

The Show was well attended with some prize specimens on display.

There was a new children’s section this year and we are grateful to Birch Grove Estate for donating winning cups and prizes for the children’s classes.

Thank you also to our wonderful judges and sponsors including High Weald Dairy, Made and Making workshops, Bluebell Railway and Birch Grove Estate.

The results:

n Vegetable Section- Food for Thought Salver: 1st Dave Body, 2nd Reg Stewart, 3rd David Wilson

n Rose Section- Janis Leedham Trophy: 1st Anne Scott, 2nd Marian White, 3rd Tim Westlake

n Sweet Pea Section- Selina Luckhurst Cup: 1st= Lizzie Lawton and Lorna Shimmen, 3rd Reg Stewart

n Flower Section- The Cinder Hill Cup: 1st Lorna Shimmen , 2nd Peggy Body, 3rd Lizzie Lawton

nPreserves Section- Sayers and Carter Cup: 1st Lizzie Lawton, 2nd= Nikki King and Kay Burgess

n Meat Pie Section- Tony Maynard Trophy: 1st Jess Sharpe, 2nd Jeni Sharpe, 3rd= Peggy Body and Kay Burgess

n Baking Section- Brian Feeley Memorial Salver: 1st Carol MacNaughton, 2nd = Peggy Body, Catherine Franklin and Kay Burgess

n Set Recipe- Christopher Floris Memorial Cup: 1st Catherine Franklin, 2nd Jess Sharpe, 3rd Chris Wheatley

n Wines and Beveridges Section- The Allen Family Trophy: 1st= Jeni Sharpe and Marian White, 2nd David Wilson

n Handicraft Section- Dean Edwards Cup: 1st Jean Staples, 2nd Catherine Franklin, 3rd Chris Wheatley and Laura Willis

n Painting Section- Mick Nesbitt Cup: 1st Peggy Body, 2nd Laura Willis, 3rd Carol MacNaughton

n Photography Section- David Wilson Sheild: 1st Suzanne Sainter, 2nd= Kenton Lawton and Margaret Allen

n Children 7 and Under- Rixons Orchard Cup: 1st Lydia MacNaughton, 2nd Lilly Annis, 3rd Maisie Rose Coulson

n Children 8-11 years- HK Stores Trophy: 1st Maia Garner

n Tallest Sunflower- Birch Grove trophy (Children’s class): 1st Charlotte Horwood. 2nd Harry Emms, 3rd Amber Lily Webster

n Miniature Garden- Birch Grove Trophy (Children’s class): 1st Lydia MacNaughton

n Best horticultural Exhibit: Dave Body (Housewives’ Basket)

n Victor Ludorum- The Mill Cup: 1st Lorna Shimmen, 2nd Peggy Body, 3rd Dave Body

n Best first timer: 1st Lizzie Lawton, 2nd Nikki King, 3rd Catherine Franklin

Report and picture contributed by Jeni Sharpe.