Project sees planting of new trees to mark anniversary

Trees planted in Haywards Heath for National Tree Week's 40th anniversary SUS-160502-121930001
Trees planted in Haywards Heath for National Tree Week's 40th anniversary SUS-160502-121930001

To mark the 40th Anniversary of National Tree Week members of Haywards Heath In Bloom (HHIB) and Haywards Heath Town Council (HHTC) Councillors and groundstaff were delighted to help with the planting of some new trees on the green located on the Balcombe Road.

The trees were supplied by West Sussex County Council and organised by their Trees and Woodlands Officer.

The tree planting marked this 40th anniversary and the HHIB Committee was pleased that they could support the Rooted in the Community Project, which supported the Anniversary.

The chairman of HHIB, Councillor Sandy Ellis, said: “Everyone involved in this project were pleased that these new trees would help improve the area and serve as a great source of town pride as they will provide ecological and environmental value for us all for years to come.”

Councillor Ash-Edwards said: “The planting made a nice finishing touch to the area after the recent highways improvements on the Balcombe Road.”

Our thanks goes to West Sussex County Council and the groundstaff of HHTC who maintain the flower beds to such a high standard on a yearly basis to make the area attractive for residents and the visitors to our town using the Balcombe Road.

The trees planted inlcude:

Two Rowan [Sorbus commixta ‘Sheerwater Seedling’] – these are at either end of the group

Three Field Maple [Acer campestre ‘Louisa Red Shine’] – these are the three in the middle.

All have excellent leaf colour and different shape and the rowans will have small clusters of flowers and then berries later on.

They are a good contrast to all the silver birch behind them.

HHTC will be planting trees to mark the Queens 90th birthday Celebrations and would love to hear of any similar tree planting that community groups are planning to mark the occasions.

HHTC is also planning a public picnic to celebrate her majesty’s birthday in Beech Hurst in early June which is being organised by MSDC and HHTC to incorporate the 10th anniversary of Love Park Week.