Pupils fundraise at Fairtrade breakfast

Fairtrade Week at Downlands
Fairtrade Week at Downlands

The Global Ambassadors at Downlands Community School in Hassocks put on a wonderful spread as they raised awareness of Fairtrade Fortnight 2016.

With muffins, smoothies, tea coffee and hot chocolate it was a fabulous start to the school day as we ‘Sat Down for Breakfast / Stood Up For Farmers’.

As Martin Luther King famously said, ‘before you finish eating breakfast in the morning, you’ve depended on more than half the world’. Despite our dependence on farmers and workers for our foods, drinks and products, about 795 million people are undernourished globally. The Global Ambassadors are a group of students across all year groups who want to show that the people who grow the food are sometimes taken for granted. When people are paid a fairer price, they can have more control over their lives when times are hard, and worry less about how they will feed their families.

During the breakfast the students raised £88.37.