Rare sight as engine successfully restored

the rare Haywood Tyler Hot Air Engine
the rare Haywood Tyler Hot Air Engine
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The Hayward Tyler Hot Air Engine at High Beeches Woodland and Water Garden has been restored and can be seen running on Sunday June 19 and other weekends.

The exact date that the engine was installed at High Beeches is not known but it was certainly in use before 1910. It was installed to pump water from the ponds, filled by local springs, up to the house. It was fuelled by logs and could be operated by unskilled workers from the estate. The engine finally broke down in 1926 by which time such engines were obsolete. In 2014 a small group of the Sussex Engine and Associated Machinery Society (SEAMS) took on the challenge of restoring the engine and it is now back in working order. It is highly likely that this is the only engine of this type still in its original situation in the country.

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