Rotary Club supports Kangaroos

Rotary Club with Kangaroos for trip to London Zoo SUS-150520-130708001
Rotary Club with Kangaroos for trip to London Zoo SUS-150520-130708001

Haywards Heath Rotarians were on hand last Saturday with best wishes to Kangaroos for a trip to London Zoo.

Kangaroos is a charity which provides activities and trips for children and young people with learning difficulties aged six to over 30 years old.

Lorna Herrett - Activities Officer and PALS Delivery Manager, led organisation of this trip for 32 children aged six to 18 years old.

Travel to the zoo was in two coaches, one being wheelchair accessible: this was supplied by Esda coaches of Eastbourne.

The children and young people loved this experience as they travelled through London spotting famous landmarks such as The London Eye, Big Ben and Trafalgar Square.

Many of the children and young people have never seen these before, especially not up close.

The zoo was holding a ‘Special Children’s Day’, which meant there were more zoo staff around to help, zoo characters to meet, sensory stories and performances by Singing Hands.

Singing Hands were performing songs with sign language which the children really enjoyed, especially when they sang a song about kangaroos especially for us! The photo [top right] is of us meeting Singing Hands.

The trip was such a fantastic opportunity for the children and young people, most who had never been to London Zoo before and some hadn’t been to London at all.

They were able to spend the day seeing tigers, gorillas, monkeys, tropical birds and fish, as well as kangaroos of course!

Many of our families find it hard to take their children out for big day trips like this due to their child’s challenging behaviour or medical needs.

This is why it is so important for charities like Kangaroos to provide these opportunities which they would not be able to do without funding, Rotary President David Sawyer confirmed the club’s aim to continue supporting Kangaroos when help is needed.

Report and pictures contributed by David Sawyer, President of the Rotary Club of Haywards Heath.