See if bowls is the game for you at open session

Adastra Bowling Club SUS-150429-164302001
Adastra Bowling Club SUS-150429-164302001

Adastra Bowling club in Hassocks is no different to any others because we are all looking to attract new members to the art of playing lawn bowls.

Where we could be different is that we have been actively seeking to increase not only our adult section but also children from about the age of seven and we are currently in discussions with both Windmills Junior School and Downlands to arrange for their pupils to have a taster session on their artificial pitch.

Bowls can be a very competitive sport and, if you wish, you can join the many youngsters across the country who play in not only Under 25’s competitions but also against adults who have been playing for years.

You will see then that, although bowls is seen as an old person’s game, it is certainly not these days.

Our green in Adastra Park opened on the 18th April and we have the first of our Open Sessions on the 16th May starting at 2pm.

This is your opportunity to see if it is the game for you – parents, please bring your children along and children, please bring your parents. You may surprise yourselves. Unless you have tried playing bowls you will never know whether you like it. All equipment, including smaller coloured bowls for the younger generation will be available to borrow for free on the day. All we ask is for you to wear flat soled shoes such as trainers.

Children between the ages of seven and eighteen can play for free in our after school club, which has in the past been run on a Thursday from about 3.30pm however this could be changed to suit the majority.

Both Adult and Junior membership is available if families want to join the club together.

If this is a game which you think you or any of your family would like to play please either turn up at the club on the 16th May or contact our secretary James Avery on 01273 843399 or for the juniors Margaret Liston on 01273 842840.

Report and picture contributed by Margaret Liston.