Shed project comes to Burgess Hill

Shed to open in Burgess Hill SUS-160128-154752001
Shed to open in Burgess Hill SUS-160128-154752001

During the 1990s, retired Aussies were encouraged to get together in a ‘Shed’ like place to socialise and pursue worthwhile craft activities, such as wood and metal work.

This idea spread throughout Australia and influenced an international movement which today is known as Men’s Shed.

Today, Sheds are springing up all over the UK and now one is to open in Burgess Hill.

Eric Palmer who is leading this community project, explains: “These sheds are great places to socialise, work and have fun. Shedders use their own tools or ones provided by the Shed and do all sorts of projects and craftwork, such as making things in wood and metal, repairing broken equipment or restoring furniture.

“Sometimes they work on their own projects and sometimes on small community projects, like park benches and garden planters. Working together and sharing skills in this way instills a real sense of camaraderie, purpose and achievement.”

Although the original idea focused on reducing anxiety, depression and stress in older men, a Shed can help anyone and especially lonely people to improve well-being through a more fulfilling and active life.

Burgess Hill Shed is registering as a local charity and will be opening shortly to anyone aged 18 or over.

It is also seeking to fill a number of trustee positions. If you are interested in becoming a member or wish to be involved as a trustee, call 01444 236743, or visit

Report and picture conributed by Burgess Hill Shed.