The Aussie Outback in Horsted Keynes

Australian topic celebrated at Horsted Keynes
Australian topic celebrated at Horsted Keynes

On a less than sunny morning, 66 children at St Giles’ Church of England Primary School, Horsted Keynes, brought the term’s work about Australia to a fantastic finish.

As the sounds of the Didgeridoo drifted through the air, the children and their teachers spent the morning in the ‘outback’ of the school grounds.

They went on animal trails, made shelters for their animal friends, created aboriginal paintings and music and even played some cricket matches, organised by the Year 6 Sports Leaders.

In the school’s moat area, the camp fire was lit to keep off the wild animals and sausages and marshmallows were cooked and eaten, with the help of some of the parents.

A fantastic finish indeed!

The following morning, the whole school participated in the Easter Worship Assembly in St Giles’ Church.

After the service, the children processed back to school behind the School Banner and the Easter Icon.

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