Village celebrate at patriotic party

Danehill residents celebrate the Queen's 90th
Danehill residents celebrate the Queen's 90th

Danehill residents made sure that The Queens 90th birthday would not be forgotten by their children when the church bells rang out at 5pm on Thursday April 21 and summoned them to a birthday tea party and the chance to reel to local band Square the Circle.

The Danehill Village Hall had been festooned with patriotic flags and banners. The tables were laid with red, white and blue, and a feast fit for twenty-first century children laid.

Jolly music was played whilst they ate. A beautiful ceramic memorial mug was raffled and eventually won by three year old Molly Burwood. The meal was concluded with the cutting of an enormous cake baked by Mrs Rosemary Burwood which looked very much like Windsor Castle, complete with Royal Standard and a model of Elizabeth and Phillip waving from the ramparts.

The adults arrived a little later to a glass of ice cold Prosecco and an extraordinary selection of canapés and more cake. Another ceramic mug was raffled and the band played on. Thanks were made for the help of The PTA Ladies, and for generous donations from the church and The Ashdown Cafe team. There will be further celebrations during The Ashdown Weekend at the end of June.