Volunteers to tackle speeding in Cuckfield

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A community speedwatch group in Cuckfield will be out in force ‘within the week’.

The group, which is made up of volunteers, have finalised sites with the police and are ready to go, member Graham Silander told the Middy. “We’ll be out monitoring speeds within the week,” he said.

“It was obvious, even from the short time we were out last Thursday, that it will be an effective way of slowing traffic down. We clocked people driving at over 45mph in 30mph zones.

“As soon as we were seen every car slowed down. As well as speeding cars we had many people smile and give us a thumbs up as they went past and pedestrians were clearly pleased to see that something is being done about the issue.

“Our aim is not to punish people for speeding but, rather, to educate people and get them to slow down where high speeds are inappropriate.

“People who are caught by us will receive a warning letter from the police and hopefully that will encourage them to slow down. Repeat offenders can eventually face prosecution but we’d all rather it didn’t get that far.”

Mr Silander formed the group which now has 72 members on Facebook.