Watch: Bolney's first ever colour run

Bolney was filled with extra colour on Saturday two school pupils organised a special fundraising event.

Matilda Reed, and her cousin, Faith Harvey, are students at Warden Park Academy in Cuckfield organised the first ever Bolney Colour Run and were delighted with the support they received.

Some of the runners

Some of the runners

The girls are both captains for their respective school house and it is one of their main duties is to fund raise. The girls, very quickly, decided for their fund raiser they wanted to organise a fun run with a difference and organised Saturday’s event at Bolney cricket pavilion.

The girls registered each person and then did a warm up with a microphone and music to make sure everyone was ready to embark on the colourful fun run of just over one mile through the fields and round the pitch. Runners were ‘hit’ by a non toxic colourful paint at six stations ensuring the runners got covered in the bright colours.

At the end of the run Matilda and Faith sold their homemade treats with tea and coffee which helped then raise £230 from the event. The money raised was split between the girl’s school houses with Matilda, Beacon House, donating her share to RSPCA and Faith’s house, Coombe, are sending her funds to St Peter and St James Hospice.

Matilda said: “The colour run was a great success, I was so happy people came and that we sold our cakes. I really enjoyed arranging it and can’t wait to plan my next fund raiser.”

Faith said: “I’ve never seen so many people covered in paint, it was so fun. It was the happiest fun run in West Sussex and we raised more than I could have imagined.”