West Sussex charity to help calm Christmas conflict


The festive season can cause family and workplace conflict, and a West Sussex charity is urging people not to ‘suffer in silence’.

The West Sussex Mediation Service (WSMS) have an increase in phone calls immediately after the Christmas period.

Service co-ordinator Nick Handley said it is ‘a sad fact’ that these calls are often from separated parents who are having disputes over childcare and finances.

Mr Handley added: “We wish everyone a safe and happy Christmas but it is a reality that Christmas is often a time when those issues from the past, with family or work colleagues, resurface once again.

“It is also a sad fact that the WSMS phone lines get busier in the New Year with calls from, couple who have gone their separate ways and need to mediate over finances or care of their children.

“We can offer help on a range of issues from disputes with neighbours, at the workplace or through divorce and separation so don’t suffer in silence.”

The charity recognises that family commitments and financial worries can cause Christmas arguments, with cracks in some relationships beginning to show.

Office party indiscretions can lead to bullying and harassment for some workers.

Alcohol is a further fuel to the fire, and WSMS believe many problems can be fixed through rational discussion.

WSMS caseworkers offer impartial advice and support all year round.

The charity’s experienced mediators help West Sussex residents diffuse conflict by aiding communication and suggesting resolutions to long running issues.

Over the last year, 75 per cent of WSMS clients recorded a positive outcome after seeking help and 91 per cent would recommend the service.

For information or advice, please contact WSMS on 01403 258900 or info@wsms.org.uk