Where are you Deer? Rudolph vanishes aftercupboard ordeal

He may be 2ft 6ins with a wobbly antler but ‘Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer’ is “a lovely chap” and needs to be found in time for Christmas.

Friday, 20th December 2013, 1:40 pm
Rudolph the missing reindeer.

The reindeer has gone missing from The Brow Medical Centre in Burgess Hill and staff and patients are bereft without him.

Rudolph has been ‘on loan’ to The Brow from Lapland for the past 14 years, brightening up the waiting room every Christmas but he vanished without trace about three weeks ago.

He performed a similar trick in 2012 when he disappeared into thin air and then surprised staff by turning up at the annual Christmas party, but this year there is no sign of him.

Has he gone back to Lapland or is he sulking after spending most of the year in a cupboard with the surgery’s Christmas decorations?

If anyone knows they are not letting on.

An anonymous ‘well wisher’ told the Middy: “He may have a red nose and a wobbly antler but he’s lovely.

“Last year he ended up on the doorstep of several staff members and he put in an appearance at the Christmas party but this year we don’t know where he is and we need him back because he won’t be able to help Father Christmas deliver all his presents.

“There have been several clues sent to the surgery but no confirmed sightings of him as yet.”

As the clock ticks relentlessly towards Christmas Eve, the well-wisher is urging people to ring The Brow if they have any news of Santa’s little helper.

Telephone: 01444 246123