Why is Manor Court still unoccupied and boarded up?

May I appeal through your pages, for those responsible to please explain why Manor Court in Janes Lane, Burgess Hill is still empty and boarded up?

Monday, 24th June 2019, 9:10 pm
Manor Court Burgess Hill. Pic Steve Robards SR1517818 SUS-151108-144225001

Elderly residents were moved out several years ago to allow for redevelopment of the site. Why? The building may not have been up to the latest standards, but it certainly wasn’t bad. I’m sure the residents would far rather have remained in their familiar surroundings for these last few years while plans for a new building were drawn up and approved.

As it is, at a time of chronic housing shortage – especially for elderly care – this building is empty, vandalised and a complete eyesore.

Would Clarion Housing and MSDC like to explain? Oh! In the meantime please tidy up the site, so it is at least less of an eyesore in this prominent position.

Brian Morgan

Stirling Court Road

Burgess Hill

In response, a Clarion Housing spokesperson said: “We are committed to building much-needed affordable housing on the Manor Court site. We recently received full planning permission for our scheme and now are working on securing a contractor to help us to deliver it.”