Woman in labour nips to Burgess Hill B&Q for a refund on her way to hospital

A heavily pregnant woman broke off from her dash to the labour ward - to nip into B&Q.

Thursday, 27th November 2014, 11:13 am
B&Q worker Stephen Partridge helped woman in labour. Pic Steve Robards SUS-141126-161845001

Stunned staff at the Burgess Hill store hastily served the mum-to-be, who wanted to return a few items, before her waters broke in the car park.

Stephen Partridge served Daniela Underhill, who now has a healthy baby.

“I did think it was a bit strange,” Stephen said.

“They were in a bit of a rush to get to hospital.

“They were just taking back some bits and pieces, parts of a kitchen, but I kept them happy. I kept calm and was quick and efficient.

“I try to help every customer, I think it was excellent customer service!”

The woman’s husband called the next day to thank Stephen for keeping his wife calm.

“I’m always quite laid back and relaxed,” Stephen added.

After leaving the store, the woman’s waters broke in B&Q’s car park on Jane Murray Way.

Deputy manager Rita Kay-Jones said: “They were on their way to the hospital and thought they would quickly pop in, I’ve got to say it wouldn’t be the top of my priorities!”

Rita explained the couple recently had a kitchen fitted, and were returning a few unneeded items.

Rita continued: “I don’t think it was a massive refund either.

“She said she thought she was in labour, it turned out she was.

“Steve was going as fast as he could because she was saying she was in labour, the woman said she was really impressed how fast he was.

“Then the father called and told us her waters had broken in the car park.”

Daniela posted on Twitter: “Thank u to Steve in burgess hill @BandQ when my waters broke a month early, here’s the result-baby Jensen 9wks old!!”

Rita added: “We were really chuffed to hear the good news that they had a healthy baby, and saw a picture they tweeted.”