Ye Ping helps relieve suffering with Bowen therapy

Ye Ping is a bowen (massage therapist) and made her mother better. Pic Steve Robards SUS-150113-044847001
Ye Ping is a bowen (massage therapist) and made her mother better. Pic Steve Robards SUS-150113-044847001

A therapist who helped to treat her mother is the first in the area to practise a pioneering Australian treatment.

Ye Ping Tsim, from Bolnore, practises Bowen therapy - which is said to have ‘incredible effectiveness’ on chronic pain and respiratory issues.

Ye Ping said she became interested in training in Bowen in order to treat her mother whose chemotherapy for Lupus led to severe nerve damage and Raynaud’s disease, particularly affecting her feet.

“After treatment, my mother’s situation vastly improved.

“She gained strength and can now even stand on tip toes. Since then, I have treated a number of people for a wide variety of complaints and thoroughly enjoy being able to help people recover from chronic conditions and in relieving them from suffering.”

Bowen therapy includes using hands-on movements on soft tissue which ‘stimulates a brain response to activate healing’.

The NHS in Newcastle use Bowen therapy alongside surgery and physiotherapy as part of treatment offered to patients.

Ye Ping said: “It is appropriate for everyone regardless of age, it is also used on animals.

“Many people, including well-known celebrities and sportsmen, have tried other forms of treatment and found Bowen to be more effective for them.

“It is currently being used by the National Basketball team, Olympic sportsmen, the English football team, and well-known celebrities such as explorer Bear Grylls,

“It is also helpful in improving physical and emotional wellbeing.”

Ye Ping said she has had a number of success stories.

“David, 73, had been suffering chronic pain from a haemarthrosis, a bleed inside the knee joint,” she told the Middy. “After several trips to A&E, David was kept in an acute medical unit for several days to deal with the intense pain. The condition led to mobility problems for many weeks until he learnt about Bowen. After four treatments, he was able to walk normally, and even dance again!”

Ye Ping is a member of the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia and the Bowen Academy of the UK. Visit