Yellow ducks in Mid Sussex spread donor message and ‘joy’


Little yellow ducks could crop up around Mid Sussex, ‘spreading joy’ – and an important message about becoming an organ donor.

Liz Graydon became part of the Little Yellow Duck Project last year, knitting ducks to leave in towns and cities for people to find as a ‘random act of kindness’.

The global project aims to highlighting the life-saving random acts of kindness of blood, bone marrow, and organ and tissue donation.

It was created in memory of Claire Cruickshank, who died from cystic fibrosis after never finding a matching lung donor. She was also collected little yellow rubber ducks and had them in all shapes and sizes.

Liz said: “I first heard about the Little Yellow Duck Project on the knitting and crocheting site Ravelry. I got involved with the project about June last year and have placed over 30 ducks out and about in England and America.”

“April 15 will be the first anniversary of the start of the project and is going to be called Yellow Duck Day.

“I hope the ducks will make the finders’ day; they are a gift for love of life. Perhaps they will be touched enough to go to the website and find out more about the project and care enough to consider being a donor.

“From a personal point of view I would love them to register the ducks too, then I will know they have been found and loved and not just thrown away in a bin.”

Liz will be leaving ducks in Cuckfield and Haywards Heath on April 15.

She added: “I particularly love that I spotted a yellow car with ducks on it and was able to place my duck in the handle. I just knew she would be going to good home!

“The lady registered her on the website and commented ‘It was left on my yellow beetle car which is covered in ducks inside and out’”.

In a year over 2,800 ducks have been registered on the map. The now have ducks found in 60 countries around the world. Visit