£12 million of road improvements in Burgess Hill won’t in itself solve the traffic problems

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I write in response to the recent correspondence concerning transport issues in Burgess Hill.

Burgess Hill Town Councillors are aware of concerns about the traffic in the area.

Burgess Hill, like many other towns, has Victorian roads with modern traffic demands which lead to inevitable queues and frustration of drivers.

Due to the developments around the town, this situation is likely to get worse and the town council has been actively working with WSCC and MSDC to find solutions to both current and future problems.

This has led to a £12m package of improvements due for completion by March 2021 in addition to the A2300 project.

However at the end of the day the only real solution is to reduce the number of vehicles on the roads, so the £12m project will also include work towards sustainable solutions such as more frequent bus services, and cycle paths around the town, including a path to Haywards Heath.

The McDonald’s roundabout is a difficult issue, particularly when customers do not follow the Highway Code and stop across the roundabout rather than park in one of the adjacent car parks. Local town councillors are working with MSDC and other landowners to resolve this issue and options are currently being evaluated.

Finally, referring particularly to the comments about air quality, all councils take the issue of air quality very seriously. MSDC is required to issue an annual air quality statement and the Environmental Health Officers have set up monitors and are monitoring pollution levels across the town. Again the solution is partly in our own hands – use sustainable transport.

Coin Holden

Councillor for St Andrews Ward,

Burgess Hill Town Council,

Church Walk,

Burgess Hill