A cautionary word for all those with diabetes

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With the expectation of spring on the way, many of us will be going for walks and working in the garden.

People with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes are no exception to this and these are both excellent ways to be more active and take better control of blood sugar levels. However, people with diabetes do need to take a little more care and unfortunately, we have found that some people with diabetes are not aware that they need to take the extra care of their feet.

To try to reduce the risks of foot damage and amputations, the InDependent Diabetes Trust (IDDT) has published a FREE booklet called ‘Diabetes – Looking After Your Feet’.

A more active life in the spring can also mean a change in eating habits, so our booklet, ‘Diabetes – Everyday Eating’, which contains 28 days of menus of everyday, affordable meals and much more, is also useful to help people manage their diabetes.

All our booklets are FREE, so we hope you will let your readers know that we can help. They can obtain a copy of ‘Diabetes – Looking After Your Feet’ and ‘Diabetes – Everyday Eating’ by contacting IDDT: telephone 01604 622837 or email: jenny@iddtinternational.org

Jenny Hirst

Co-Chair, IDDT