Appeal to MP Sir Nicholas Soames to do everything he can to avoid the UK crashing out of the EU

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On 26 January, an open letter to Mid-Sussex MP Sir Nicholas Soames was signed by more than 200 people at street events organised by Mid-Sussex Open Britain in the centres of East Grinstead, Haywards Heath and Burgess Hill.

The letter says:

‘We ask Mid-Sussex MP Sir Nicholas Soames to do all in his power to prevent the UK crashing out of the European Union without a deal, and to support all measures that give Parliament greater influence over the Brexit process, up to and including support for a People’s Vote on the terms of Brexit.’

The names of the people who signed this letter in East Grinstead, Haywards Heath and Burgess Hill are shown below.

The message from these people of Mid-Sussex to our MP is clear: support the attempts of MPs to take back control of the Brexit process, so that the House gains time to consider all the options for Britain’s exit from the EU, and to give time for voters to have their final say on whatever Parliament decides.

Tim Weekes

On behalf of the volunteers and supporters of Mid-Sussex Open Britain

The letter is also signed by the following people:

Stephen White, Professor Val Curtis, Anne-Marie Cooke, Mr D Rickard, Malcolm Norwood, Judith Pratt, Jonathan Padfield, Andy le Gilesley, Sandra Underwood, Graham Bostock, Matthew Andrews, Rowland Hill, Stephen Saunders, John Lane, Hana Scammell, Kate Law, M Davie, Liz Brennan, Tim Weekes, S O’Brien, Rosemary Furley, Lisa Weekes, Kate O’Brien, B Pryce-Jones, Jenifer Dillon, P Lowson, A Pryce-Jones, Denis Walker, E Whitaker, H Kauffman, Mel Stevens, A Roden, C Forbes, Jenny Walker, T Aspeling, J Simpson,Ceri Steel, C Malone, Ruth Coltofeanu, Mike Turner, Emma Sayers, Crawford Blayden, Siobhan Kent, Eleanor Brown, Clare Stay, Gareth Kent, Mirabel Brown, A Bateman, Sarah Finnie, Toby Herst, Rachel Gromble, Stephen Penny, Georgina Tomlin, John Comer, Vicky Gooding, Rachel Hemery, Cristina Batteglino, Sue Gooding, Gillian Bainbridge, R Scott, Rob Dickin, Jo Brennan, J Scott, Suzi Alfred, Panos Rekkas, Tanya Howells, Marie Penny, Susan Barnett, Jamie Howells, G Gurney, Steven Barber, Martin Hazell, K Dale, James Huntson, Philip Wood, Wayne Morris, Jonathan Johnson, Cary Davis, Peter Louw, Susan Miller, Clive Murley, Gregory Rise, Graham Miller, Chris Manlow, Sue Jex, Sarah Wilks, V Manlow, Cecile Lavaud-White, Colin MacConnel, Andy Hill, Richard White, Andy Revell, Bernadette Hickland, S Fitzpatrick, Anna James, Lynne McCaffrey, J Beckett, Helen Madaras, Lisa Rollins, Ann Holgate, David McLeod, Daniel Rollins, Maria Lichauld, Simon Rycroft, Nicky Everett, Jean Poulson, Matthew Pueluin, Violetta Colubareva, Charles Moore, Jo Phelvin, Paul Kenny, Heather Moore, John Leppard, G Pearce-Altendorff, Stephen Ramkissun, Verity Kalcev, Steve Hagge, Viviane Condie, Alison Rees, Steve Peters, Stuart Condie, Christella Rees, P Sturt, Rukshana Regan, Suzanne Carreira, Robin Jones M.A., Peter Browne, S Hughes, Nicola Savva, Clair Ballantyne, Michael Field, Kristo Kostadina, M Smith, Sarah Field, Amelia Amon, Andie Corcoran, Edwina Oprea, Kerry Leppard, Helen Valler, Karen Hestand, Steve Barnes, Simon Clarke, Fran Jackson, Nicole Anthony-Torres, K P Low, M Bohn, Nicola Rose-Gonzalez, A Alston, P Burgess, N Clifton-Weller, N Foulkes, S Le Gresley, Jason Paske, Caroline Flanagan, H Grellington, Annabel Parker, Cristina Vina-Herbon, Su Henry, David Hope, Adrian Hoyle, D K Henry, Marina Bird, Sonia Safka, O Plumb, Debra Carpenter, Julie Campbell, C Plumb, Andrew McKay, Dean Hodge, J Plumb, Leticia Veruete, Kelly Kirsten, S Barnard, William Kremir, Jennifer Norman, K Field, Juley Hudson, Peter Norman, K Delvaille, Georgina Powell, D Phillips, A Delvaille-Walsh, Lori Altendorff, Oswald Almeida, Sofia Pietersrua, Lucie Denys, Philip Gander, Anne Lanevschi, Sinéad Walsh, Penny Lanham, Mark Taylor, Aurelia Mandato, Ibrahim Sillah, Linda Taylor, Patrick Robey, Naomi Card, Aydn Sim, Paul Haines, Vivien Morris, Dylan Turner, Pau Lehmann, Christian Westphal, Catherine Oliver, Helen Swanbury, James Leighton, Virginia Hope, Nick Schmymyct, Christine Spencer, Bhavesh Gajjar, S Glosh, G. H. Loy, Robert Ellis, L Glosh, K. D. Loy, Jonathan Cherry, Robyn Barr, Vicky Lee, Jana Nikolin, Andrew McQuillan, Zivile Ayakoviciene, Aaron Morford, Ben Francis