Brexit issue far from settled

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The UK is in the middle of the political parties’ conference season and it’s increasingly clear that more than two years after the Referendum on whether the UK should leave the EU, the whole country is still debating Brexit and the issue is far from settled.

Neither of the main political parties is united in its stance and only the LibDems have consistently promoted a Remain position.

Both Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May are struggling to maintain control of their MPs and Theresa May cannot get unanimous support for her proposed Chequers deal either from within her government or from traditional Conservative voters.

This is where the campaign for a People’s Vote is becoming ever more relevant, to give ordinary people the chance to express their opinion about this divisive issue so that we can decide if a decision that will affect our lives for generations makes the country better or worse off.

Whether people voted Leave or Remain it is clear that nobody, certainly not the campaigners or politicians, let alone individual voters, had full information about what Brexit actually means.

As we gradually find out more about the implications of leaving the EU, and as the deadline of March 2019 approaches, it is crucial that the British people have a chance to vote: whether that be on the final deal or a no deal or with an option to Remain.

Open Britain Mid Sussex has been campaigning for several months at events across Haywards Heath, Horsham, Crawley, Burgess Hill and Lindfield to name but a few, as well as joining forces with colleagues in Brighton, Chichester and East Grinstead. The movement is growing! With few exceptions we have been overwhelmed by public support and people eager to sign our petition for a People’s Vote.

The next big event will be another march in London on Saturday 20th October. The previous march attracted over 500,000 people from all around the country. We’re hoping that this one will be even bigger and impossible to ignore. Do join us, and to find out more please get in touch via email: or find us on Facebook at Mid Sussex Open Britain and on Twitter: @OpenBritainMidS

Good deal or bad deal, it’s definitely a big deal - and that’s why it should be put to a People’s Vote.

Verity Kalcev

Open Britain Mid Sussex, West Common Drive, Lindfield