Concern over illegal hunts

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Most people, at 4am, are still cuddled up under the duvet, fast asleep.

But not so for a minority of people whose intention is to kill young fox cubs before they return back home to their earths. Believe it or not, but somewhere out in the woods near where you live an entire pack of hounds and a group of huntsmen are training the young hounds on soft targets of fox cubs, and they do so under the cover of darkness either very early in the morning, before the sun comes up, or later in the evening before the sun goes down.

And, yes we do have a Hunting Act to stop foxes being killed and, yes, these people are acting unlawfully.That is why they do it when people like yourselves are tucked up in bed with windows closed.

I urge anyone who has seen or heard the hunt out morning or evening to contact the police. There will be no legal activity taking place because if so, why are they doing it at times like this? Cub/autumn hunting is all about training young fox hounds on young foxes.

Mrs J Wild

West Sussex Wildlife Protection, PO Box 3058, Littlehampton