Couldn’t fault the excellent service on the Brighton Line

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I have seen so much in the media over the past couple of weeks about the downside of the closure of the south end of the Brighton line and the replacement bus service, that I would like to say about the excellent service I encountered with it.

I had occasion to use it on Tuesday 19th February to attend a meeting in London. Albeit that I travelled outside both rush hours, I couldn’t have asked for a better service. The bus I travelled on to Three Bridges was fairly crowded but people were, for the most part, talking to each other – something not often seen on the train.

I walk with crutches and was helped from the moment I got off the bus to being settled comfortably on the train. Again, returning in the afternoon, I was helped all the way to the waiting area sited in the marquee and not only given a hot drink (staff were giving vouchers out) but asked if I would like a cookie to go with it. I was then helped on to the bus, which I had all to myself on a fast service back to Haywards Heath.

The only time I was let down was when we arrived at London Bridge in the morning. Alongside an older lady who had just arrived at Gatwick and was trying to cope with two suitcases, we alighted, only to find the lift out of order and no staff to be seen on the platform.

I appreciate that it must have been a lot worse in the rush hour with long waits for buses but I really couldn’t fault it and have passed my thanks on to the “On Track,” the recruitment agency covering the staffing.

Barbara Lank (Ms)

Wilmington Way

Haywards Heath