Don’t give in to narrow-minded ‘beggar-my-neighbour’ national sentiment

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I could not disagree more with Graeme Upton’s opinion (cited in Carola Godman Irvine’s piece in the Middy on February 21, ‘Countdown to Brexit’) that he is upholding “the beliefs of millions of Britons who died, so we could choose our destiny” by leaving the EU.

As someone with a lifelong interest in history (and the son of a WW2 veteran) I’m convinced that generation’s sacrifice will be in vain if we allow the narrow-minded ‘beggar-my-neighbour’ national sentiment that led to two world wars and that lies behind Brexit to hold sway in this country.

My father and his comrades fought as much for peace and security in Europe as they did for King and Country and the EU (and its forerunners) have contributed substantially to both. As for ‘destiny’ – don’t make me laugh, there’s no such thing, it’s a myth.

Richard Tagart

Penland Road

Haywards Heath