Encouraging Haywards Heath commuters to cycle to the station would alleviate parking problems


Problem letter (November 22), together with a very interesting story about the need for Aveline Moore to park at the station, but frustrated by not finding a car parking space.

I happen to see a notice in a national newspaper about Amersham Multi Storey Car Park being extended by the District Council from 680 by 502 spaces, sufficient to satisfy demand until 2034 . Amersham is a commuter market town with a population 15,000 at the last census. A town half the size of Haywards Heath but with a station car park of a similar size!

It seems Mid Sussex District Council’s plan is woefully inadequate on the provision of station car parking spaces, especially with the never-ending house building in the town and even the Northern Arc in Burgess Hill with 3,000 homes will deliver commuters into Haywards Heath Station, which does not have electronic parking indication to advise on car parking spaces available and where alternative parking can be found.

Ironically, there are stations in Holland with parking provision - not for hundreds of cars but thousands of bicycles in the equivalent space. Encouraging commuters to cycle to the station would help with the parking situation.

Richard Bates

Lowfield Road,

Haywards Heath