Figures skewed for number of people using buses in Mid Sussex

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I am writing to comment on the article ‘Concerns raised over bus cuts’ by Karen Dunn, reporter in the Mid Sussex Times, December 27.

A comment mentioned that ‘few passengers are using them’. I cannot believe this as I am also a frequent user and meet a lot of people regularly on the bus.

There was a survey recently, that I know a lot of people signed up to.

I think that there has been some bad figures bandied about. I say this because very often the card machines are not working therefore not registering the number of passengers. At times the drivers just wave passengers on because they are in a hurry. I counted 20 of these passengers on one journey alone who did not pay or have their cards scanned. If these figures are not counted, as often happens, it is not giving a true figure of passengers actually using the buses.

This obviously gives a false impression if public usage causing decisions to make cuts and causing the public to suffer, especially in outlying districts.

Bus services work well abroad and they are cheaper.

Mr DJ Billinghurst

Manor Road,