Footpath was rejected again

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In their September newsletter Lindfield Rural Parish Council confirmed they have rejected a disabled access footpath at Walstead Cemetery west side for a second time.

This follows the petition and appeal requesting the footpath.

They state that the two appropriate locations for a footpath may contain burials and there is no definitive way of verifying this. However they go on to say they are seeking alternative solutions.

It is frustrating that nearly nine months after the original request this footpath has again been rejected based on the assumption that there may be unmarked burials. As yet there is no confirmation that there are unmarked burials on the proposed routes of a path.

As the location of unmarked burials appears to be a continuing issue a letter was sent to the council asking what the outcome of a previous survey to identify vacant and unmarked burial plots was. Council minutes from October 2017 state that it had been resolved to proceed with a survey.

Their reply did not confirm what the result of the survey was but states they are seeking alternative solutions.It will be discussed at the next council meeting on 29th October.

Depending on the result of their decision a further follow up will be made regarding any issues which may be holding up the laying of a disabled access pathway.

At the time of writing it cannot be confirmed if or when a disabled access path will be laid. This will be disappointing news for those who need access to the cemetery, particularly during the winter months, but hopefully the council will provide more positive news following their meeting at the end of October.

Colin Lucas

Upperstone Close, Stotfold
Editor’s note - a letter published on this page in the October 18 edition from Colin Lucas was unfortunately out of date. This was due to a technical issue, and we regret any confusion.