Freedom to be anonymous

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Your article headed “ID card ‘would allow us greater freedom’ say MPs” (August 16) could not be further from the truth.

In fact a compulsory ID card system removes a fundamental freedom that we enjoy, not by accident but because countless millions have died fighting for it.

Simply to be free, anonymous if we so choose.

To compare the voluntary use of ID cards, driving licences, bank cards, etc,to a compulsory requirement for ID shows a deep misunderstanding of this fundamental and is surprising,to say the least, that MPs Soames and Field do so !!!!

The one requires obedience whereas the other is a matter of choice.A fundamental difference.!

I recommend that they research our history on this more diligently.

There has been in the past such a system, admittedly before their time.

However more recently do they not know about the debacle during the miners strike of 1984/5, when the miners were illegally prevented from travelling to union meetings, picket lines, etc by the police using (0r rather misusing ) their driving licences to identify them as miners by their addresses; for a government determined to smash their organisation by any means at their disposal?

Let us hope that MPs Soames and Field spend more time on researching our existing history in these matters, come to their senses and drop this nonsense.

John Leaver

Farm Lane, Ditchling